New Cleaning Applications Post Covid

I hope this article finds everyone safe, healthy and starting to experience reopening of your respective areas. Our Alabama beaches have been insane since they opened three weeks ago. We have had over 700 thousand vacationers from all over the country. As of June 2, 2020, our cases of not spiked. Thank goodness! I read an article the other day that struck a new problem this pandemic has introduced. Contaminated waste. All the new PPE we are having to wear is not considered recyclable and needs to be discarded as trash. I was told by a local municipality that if the mask and gloves are thrown in recycling the entire batch must be discarded as trash. I found this to be useful.

Another new cleaning application that has popped up during the outbreak is foggers, beefed up paint sprayers, and my favorite weapon the electrostatic gun. These can be useful tools, but also dangerous if not used properly. Make sure to wear your PPE the tiny particles you are producing from these are very dangerous to us and can cause lung damage. Another caution is to make sure your disinfectant has a claim that it can be fogged. I’ve been using an electrostatic gun because it has some science behind the technology. The disinfectant is charged in the chamber and has a positive charge that helps it cling to surfaces and also can wrap around objects to create a more even spray. Most recently the EPA has changed its tune. EPA may also consider expedited review of new active ingredients or new uses for currently registered active ingredients (including higher application rates, new application methods such as fogging and electrostatic sprayers, or use sites such as porous surfaces). Be safe, read your labels, and please use us as a resource.

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