Housekeeping Concerns Across the Country

I recently reached out to vacation rental professionals nationwide to get a pulse on the industry’s biggest housekeeping concerns. While different parts of the country have various issues, with an increased focus on sanitation, one thing is constant – the importance of proper cleaning.

Concerns across the South focused on residue build-up on floors, glass shower doors, and mold. There was also a lot of interest in proper cleaning tools for specific areas like AC vents. Conversely, people in the Northwest, where restrictions remain in place, are still highly concerned about covid and effectively killing the virus. I’m going to touch on both situations briefly.

Let me start by saying, if you take one thing away from this article, let it be this: for your disinfectant to work properly, you MUST start with a clean surface.

Commercial-grade cleaning products are crucial to remove dirt and soils you can physically see while disinfecting gets to the bacteria and germs you can’t. Retail products might work for daily household use, but they aren’t effective on the cleaning loads housekeepers face. Remember that residue build-up property owners mentioned as a concern? Is “blackfoot” a problem your property faces? Often that’s caused by fragrances and other ingredients in cheap and ineffective products. The way you are cleaning could be the cause of some of your problems!

As for disinfecting, there are so many products, claims, and gadgets. Once you have cleaned properly, how do you know where to turn? The information is constantly changing and evolving, but a few things to note.

Disinfectants with 30+ days residual killing protection? The EPA has not approved anything with that kill claim. UVC sanitizers seem promising but can be extremely dangerous to users. The wands that some companies use can cause permanent damage to the eyes and skin with extended use. Also, they need longer periods of exposure to surfaces; a simple wave won’t do it, and soils and dust can block the UVC rays from actually reaching the bacterias or viruses. Then there are different types of ionization machines that scrub the air in a property. Some can remove allergens, bacteria, viruses and have been proven to kill Covid-19.

The technology is getting better, and new approved ways to sanitize are hitting the market every day. Stay vigilant, do your homework, and read the small print. And always properly clean first. Be on the lookout for exciting opportunities with VRHP to learn more about the importance of properly cleaning your vacation rental properties, along with best practices and products to do so.

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