New Cleaning Applications Post Covid

I hope this article finds everyone safe, healthy and starting to experience reopening of your respective areas. Our Alabama beaches have been insane since they opened three weeks ago. We have had over 700 thousand vacationers from all over the country. As of June 2, 2020, our cases of not spiked. Thank goodness! I read an article […]

Housekeeping Concerns Across the Country

I recently reached out to vacation rental professionals nationwide to get a pulse on the industry’s biggest housekeeping concerns. While different parts of the country have various issues, with an increased focus on sanitation, one thing is constant – the importance of proper cleaning. Concerns across the South focused on residue build-up on floors, glass […]

The Art of Cleaning
Part II

We discussed in an earlier article on the principles of chemistry. Understanding the pH scale, acids, alkalines and when to chose which product to clean a certain soil. Please reference back to the (WHAT ISSUE) to refresh yourself or look over for the first time. In that article we learned about various soils and factors […]

Art of Cleaning: Understanding Chemistry

Understanding Chemistry  Chemistry can be intimidating. Thinking back to my high school years I remember all those crazy symbols and strange words looked more like a foreign language than the science I was used to. It wasn’t until years later that I became very interested in how cleaning chemicals worked. And now I can proudly […]